Social Network Advertising and different types of advertisements

Submitted by PBNAdmin on Mon, 10/30/2017 - 20:53

It is no surprise that social network advertising has changed the very basics of advertising services and the way most of the marketing campaigns happen. If facts are to be believed, internet advertising spend took over the newspaper advertising spend in 2013 itself and is believed to overtake the TV ad spending as well by the end of this year itself! The amount that is spent on digital ads has been constantly rising every year, especially in countries like the United States and I am sure that it does not come as a surprise that Facebook has played a key role in the growth of digital marketing. So how digital marketing affects the paid traffic is no surprise!


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Different types of advertisements

There are different types of advertisements that are used in digital marketing. Since Face book plays a major role in this sector, let us see the different types of advertisements that are visible there.

Photo Ads

The technical specifications in case of photo ads depend on the objective of the campaign. The character counts vary and a call to action button might be added depending on the objective again.

Video Ads

Video ads have similar options as in the case of a photo ad. For instance, the same character count and call to action options depending on the campaign’s objective. The aspect ratio will however depend on the objective of the campaign.


This form of advertisement can have up to 10 images and links together in one ad. Text of 90 characters is allowed and the images should have an image ratio of 1:1.


The advertisement that is created in the form of a video by joining several static images is called slideshow.


Canvas is a full screen ad that is a combination of videos, photos and call to action buttons.